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Lead others to OWN
the achievement with you.

Become an Ownership Leader
and Create the Future Faster

You climb higher and faster
when others OWN IT! with you!



The Ownership Leader Self Study
powers you to climb higher faster.

Why is OWNERSHIP important?


  • Successfully Letting Go
  • Focused on the Future
  • Time to Coach/Support
  • Building Relationships
  • Climbing Higher
  • Having Time for You
  • Confident and Proud


  • Involved in Everything
  • Buried in the Day to Day
  • Busy Providing Answers
  • Out of Key Initiatives
  • Stuck in your Role
  • Always Feeling Tired
  • Hesitant and Insecure

“It’s great to just dip in and do a few lessons
when I have a few minutes free.”

What’s in the
Ownership Leader Self Study?


Lessons with one-minute videos, reflection questions, thoughts and a scenario to help you apply the learning right away.


Business scenarios to test and strengthen your business judgment muscle and leverage the experience others with their answers too.


Best practices, illustrations, short videos and book recommendations to help you grow faster (as well as the combined Q & A from others too).

From Mark

Unlimited advice directly from Mark. You can ask Mark a question at any time, and that means getting advice when it is needed the most!



Language of Achievement






Nose In, Fingers Out



Role Model








The Ownership Leader is
a fantastic way to learn…

…and a great leadership resource to
keep growing as you climb the ladder.

“I love having the ability to see how others have answered
the scenarios, helping me to leverage their experience too.”

Ownership Leader is
great for Organizations!

Create a common language in your leaders and
ignite an ownership culture in just ninety days.

Grow your leaders to OWN IT!…

…ask about the special pricing for organizations.

Who’s Mark…
Ownership Leader Founder

Mark Fritz
Ownership Leadership

“Mark’s advice came just at the right time, and helped me see the way forward on a problem I couldn’t see past.”

Mark has lived in Singapore, Egypt, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, UK, and USA, and has spoken on ownership leadership in over 50 countries around the world.  During his corporate career he has led enterprise transformations in Europe, Middle East and Asia, and now mentors executives and runs leadership programs throughout the world.  Today, London UK is his home with his wife Atsuko.

Mark shares more about
the Ownership Leader.

Are you an Ownership Leader?

These six questions will help you find out, and receive personalized feedback from Mark too!

with the Ownership Leader
you have access to…


Lessons to learn the Ownership Mindsets & Habits


Scenarios to test/strengthen your business judgment


Resources to keep growing faster and climbing higher


Directly from Mark, and when you need it most

FOR ONLY $395 

That’s less than the cost of a coaching session
and you have seen all that comes
with the Ownership Leader.

It’s time for you to


Who is Ownership Leader recommended for?

The ownership leader is ideal for anyone who is looking to get their people to take more ownership and grow their leadership skills faster. For first-time leaders, it provides the mindsets and behaviors to start your leadership with a strong foundation.

For high-performers, it provides the mindset and behaviors to become a stronger delegator and get your people to take more ownership for the results.

For executives, it provides a great reminder of the mindsets and behaviors that drive ownership…helping you to become a stronger role model for your people and enable you to grow your leaders faster.

What prior knowledge do I need to have? / Are there prerequisites or requirements?

There are no prior knowledge or requirements to use the Ownership Leader.  However, you might be encountering less of the scenarios in real life if you do not have many years of leadership experience.  With less leadership experience, the scenarios of help you use your business judgment muscle faster than real experience would provide you.

How long does my subscription last?

You have lifetime access.  The Ownership leader is a great reference resource as you climb the ladder in your career, and you always have the opportunity to ask Mark for advice.

What is the OWN IT! Methodology?

The OWN IT! methodology was developed by Mark after reflecting on his own leadership experience.  He found that his leadership success and the quality of his personal life was based on the level of ownership his people took for the results.  As OWNERSHIP was key, Mark invested time to create this methodology based on both his own leadership experience and on his learning from other leadership experts and clients.

The OWN IT! methodology provides you the key mindsets and behaviors to get your people to OWN IT!, and for you to achieve more leadership success and more dinners at home.

Can I learn at my own pace?

You can go through the lessons at your own pace, and given that the lessons are short; you can go through a lesson anytime you have a few minutes free.   The ideal pace would be to go through the lessons for a step of the methodology OWNIT! each week…for six weeks.

Are there any technology requirements?

No additional technology requirements, and the Ownership Leader can be used on any device (laptop, tablet/ipad, or phone).

Is there a cancellation/return policy?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with the Ownership leader in the first 14 days of use, you can email and a full refund will be processed for you.

Is it possible to have subscription packages? (for companies, organizations, etc).

Yes, the Ownership Leader is offered to companies and organizations at a special discount depending on the number of users.  Email Mark at or call +44 (0) 79303 21458 to ask about the opportunity for the special discounts for your company or organization.

Is it possible to have a fiscal invoice?

Yes, and at any time.  Just email and a pdf copy of your invoice will be emailed to you.



If you still have any question or doubt,
feel free to contact Mark