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Thomas Ostergaard

In my scenario, I have received a shipment of defect product.
I will then bring in the appropriate people from operations and quality control. Together we would define the following outcomes.
1 Operations doesn’t have the product that they need to complete their tasks. Through a short conversation the operation manager would most likely give me two or three contingency plans so that operations can continue. If non exists, then we will try and define what a delay might cost.
The objective is to incentivize the operation manager to come up with solution to avoid delays, and if that is not possible, calculate cost of delays.
2 Now the quality control manager will have to fill out a claims report on the defective product. The objective here is to incentivize the quality control manager to define the issue. Write up a report that will give me as leader, the ammunition that I need to avoid payment of this product and even make a potential claim due to delays. I would leave it to that person to define what the best ammunition might be as they should now have a clear understanding what the purpose of the report is.